Sunday, September 19, 2010

3D VW Beetle Cake

This cake was hand carved to match an owner's 1965 VW Beetle.  I can make a similar one for you or custom create a cake based on a picture.  Just let me know.

You choose your cake flavor: chocolate, vanilla or marble.
There is a buttercream filling and this one has a rolled buttercream icing on top.  I could also make it strictly buttercream or even a fondant on top, if you so choose.  I'm open to the possibilities!

Price: $35

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be the first 10 people to order your cakes and get...

25% off!

That's right.  Place an order valued between $25 and $60 for a round or square cake and get 25% off of your order.  This applies to orders delivered between September 20th and December 31st, 2010.

This is what you'll get:

A round or square cake
3 icing colors - buttercream icing
Vanilla, chocolate, or marble cake

Contact me for more information or with any questions.  This would be a great time to place those Halloween cake orders!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi and welcome to my site.  Thank you very much for taking the time to look at the cakes I am currently offering.  Should you see something of interest, please contact me via e-mail for more information.  If you are interested in something I do not have on my site, just let me know and we can work on your product together.

Continue to check back in the next few weeks as I begin to add Halloween and Christmas items to my online store.  I will be taking orders for Christmas cookies, should you all be interested in offering a more personal gift this year to those you love.

Thank you again for checking in!

Pink Horse Cake

This cake can be any color you choose, but it is currently pink, black and white.  The horse in the middle is made out of gum paste so it is completely edible.  The cake is covered in a buttercream icing; this is not fondant, but it can be, if you so choose.

It will feed approximately 36 people and can be made into a 2 layer cake feeding about 72 guests.  Let me know what you need and we can put together the perfect cake.

Single tier cake: $36
Two tier cake: $60

All cakes can include a filling.  The two tier cake does include a fruit or buttercream filling and will have 4 layers.

Darth Vader Cake

As shown, this cake runs $25.  If you decide to add details to the backdrop such as a "Happy Birthday" sign made out of gum paste or a smaller cake for the candle, etc., then it will start at $30 depending on what you would like.  This is a large cake (approximately 10x9) and can feed approximately 20-30 people.

 The cake is coated in a chocolate buttercream frosting.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween ideas

Here are some ideas for your Halloween celebrations. They are just around the corner so place your order now to assure delivery:

Those are just a few ideas... you choose or let me know if you have something in mind. These will be priced on a per order basis.

Airplane cupcakes

Everything on this cupcake is completely edible.  This cupcake can be decorated with the icing color of your choice and the color of the yellow circle can also be changed (the age of your child will be reflected on the circle for you.) Just let me know how many you need.

If you are interested in cupcakes, just not the one shown above, you can pick from the following list:

Basic cupcakes (cupcake with icing)
up to 12 cupcakes: $1 per cupcake
13-24 cupcakes: $0.95 per cupcake
 25-36 cupcakes: $0.90 per cupcake
37-48 cupcakes: $0.85 per cupcake
49-60 cupcakes: $0.80 per cupcake

Filled cupcakes (choice of filling) with icing
up to 12 cupcakes: $1.50 per cupcake
13-24 cupcakes: $1.45 per cupcake

 25-36 cupcakes: $1.40 per cupcake
37-48 cupcakes: $1.35 per cupcake

49-60 cupcakes: $1.30 per cupcake

Decorated cupcakes (icing, decorative medallion, filling)

up to 12 cupcakes: $2 per cupcake
13-24 cupcakes: $1.95 per cupcake

 25-36 cupcakes: $1.90 per cupcake
37-48 cupcakes: $1.85 per cupcake

49-60 cupcakes: $1.80 per cupcake

Deluxe cupcakes (icing, decorative medallion, filling, and laser cut cupcake wrapper- example below-)
$3 per cupcake

Special Occasion Cake

This cake has many options from the cake flavor, optional filling, fondant color, and types of flowers placed on top.  The flowers are made by hand and can be placed however you would like.  A message can be added as well.  Again, this cake is covered in fondant.

8" fondant cake: $30
10" fondant cake: $45
16" fondant cake: $60
Per flower: $1

Dora Cake

This cake could feed approximately 30-40 people.  There are a multitude of colors that top this fun children's cake.  The inscription on the side cake is your choice and the border icing color can also be changed.

Price: $35
Dora alone: $25